Green Acres

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Other mistake: When the phone pole was installed with a "butt set" to talk with, they used it upside down for a long time. Someone must have brought it to the director, because they finally corrected the problem.

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Suggested correction: The lever is to engage and disengage the clutch, when he pulls it back that disengages and the tractor would stop.

Older tractors had a hand clutch like that.

The Vulgar Ring Story - S2-E28

Other mistake: Lisa thinks her ring went down the drain while she was washing dishes in the kitchen sink. Oliver disconnects the pipes under the sink and does not find the ring, but he removes a long blue scarf from the trap. It is completely dry.

Steven Lee

The Price of Apples - S1-E20

Other mistake: A shallow tray of pancake batter is cooking on the stovetop. The coffee pot boils over and its round lid shoots into the air. Even though the lid would be extremely hot, Lisa catches it with both hands and uses it to cut four pancakes.

Steven Lee

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Lisa Douglas: Could you keep it a secret from my husband? You see, I want to surprise him.
Ralph Monroe: My lips are sealed.
Hank Kimball: Now if we could only keep them that way.
Ralph Monroe: If you weren't so sexy, I'd beat your brains out.

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Trivia: This is the first television sitcom in which the theme song soundtrack lyrics were sung by the leading actor and actress of the show.


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