Daredevil (2015)

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Speak of the Devil - S1-E9

Corrected entry: Matt is fighting a white guy with a hat in an alley - he breaks his arm and the guy drops heroin bundles. During a quick shot change the white guy is all of a sudden black, with no hat. Then he's a white guy again.


Correction: That's not what the scene shows. It was Daredevil fighting 3 different guys as he tries to gather information, similar to a montage scene. He's also at 3 different locations. Plus, the first white guy had no hat and it's the black guy that drops the heroin.


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Father Lantom: Nothing drives people to church faster than the devil snapping at their heels.



When the Punisher knocks out Daredevil he wakes up with a gun taped to his right hand. When the Punisher says that Daredevil has to shoot him, Dardevil struggles to escape from his chains and we get a shot from his right side, where the gun is no longer there. In a later scene it returns.



During their dinner, Vanessa mentions a prince in a white suit and an ascot, to which Fisk replies, "it's a bit much." In the comics Fisk has been drawn almost exclusively in a white suit and ascot.