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8Shadows in the Glass0
9Speak of the Devil1
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11The Path of the Righteous0
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Season 2
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2Dogs to a Gunfight0
3New York's Finest2
4Penny and Dime1

Penny and Dime - S2-E4

Character mistake: When Matt is talking to his priest Father Lantom, he says "it was a nice sermon" instead of "it was a nice homily." In the Catholic church "homily" is the correct word; sermons are Protestant. (00:11:30)

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The Path of the Righteous - S1-E11

Father Lantom: Nothing drives people to church faster than the devil snapping at their heels.

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Trivia: Across the hall from Nelson and Murdock is an office that reads "Atlas Investments", a nod to the comic company (Atlas Comics) that would later become Marvel. The logo is the same as that of Atlas Comics too.

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