Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Welcome to Duel Academy 0
2 Fureimu winguman 0
3 Etowâru saibâ 0
4 5-juu gattai! VWXYZ 0
5 Yami no dêmon dekki 0
6 Hanekuribô no kiseki 0
7 Duel and Unusual Punishment 0
8 For the Sake of Syrus 0
9 Family Business 0
10 Tag Team Trial: Part 1 24
11 Tag Team Trial: Part 2 7
12 Formula for Success 0
13 Monkey See, Monkey Duel 0
14 A Spirit Summoned 0
15 Courting Alexis 0
16 The Duel Giant 0
17 Nature of the Draw 0
18 The King of the Copycats: Part 1 0

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Syrus Truesdale: First, I'm going to summon Gyroid in attack mode.
Para: You must be joking. I am surprised that thing even has an attack mode.



Syrus summons to the field Drillroid and has it attack the Gate Guardian in defense mode, but is blocked by Defence Wall because of its effect, and Defense Wall is destroyed. Because of this, Jaden and Syrus lose 500 Life Points. While it does seem logical that their life points would go down because Drillroid has 1600 attack points and Defense Wall has 2100 defense points, they should not lose life points in the first place. This is mainly due to the fact that Drillroid's effect causes a defense position monster to be destroyed instantly, without losing life points. If Drillroid was capable of destroying Defence Wall, then their life points should have remained at 1700.