Most TV mistakes of 2009

1The Cleveland Show pictureThe Cleveland Show (2009)108
2Castle pictureCastle (2009)99
3Glee pictureGlee (2009)79
4The Middle pictureThe Middle (2009)72
5Community pictureCommunity (2009)42
6Modern Family pictureModern Family (2009)38
7Archer pictureArcher (2009)19
8Parks and Recreation pictureParks and Recreation (2009)18
9Lie to Me pictureLie to Me (2009)18
10Warehouse 13 pictureWarehouse 13 (2009)18
11Dollhouse pictureDollhouse (2009)13
12White Collar pictureWhite Collar (2009)12
13NCIS: Los Angeles pictureNCIS: Los Angeles (2009)10
14Royal Pains pictureRoyal Pains (2009)8
15United States of Tara pictureUnited States of Tara (2009)8
16FlashForward pictureFlashForward (2009)7
17The Vampire Diaries pictureThe Vampire Diaries (2009)6
18Big Time Rush pictureBig Time Rush (2009)5
19Law & Order: UK pictureLaw & Order: UK (2009)4
20Nurse Jackie pictureNurse Jackie (2009)4
21The Good Wife pictureThe Good Wife (2009)4
22Power Rangers RPM picturePower Rangers RPM (2009)4
23V pictureV (2009)4
24The Prisoner pictureThe Prisoner (2009)3
25Cougar Town pictureCougar Town (2009)3
26Drop Dead Diva pictureDrop Dead Diva (2009)3
27Better Off Ted pictureBetter Off Ted (2009)2
28Alice pictureAlice (2009)2
29The Listener pictureThe Listener (2009)2
30Emma pictureEmma (2009)2
31The CollegeHumor Show (2009)2
32Hung pictureHung (2009)2
33The League pictureThe League (2009)2
34Southland pictureSouthland (2009)2
35Meet the Browns pictureMeet the Browns (2009)1
36Whitechapel pictureWhitechapel (2009)1
37The Beast pictureThe Beast (2009)1
38Cake Boss pictureCake Boss (2009)1
39SGU Stargate Universe pictureSGU Stargate Universe (2009)1
40The Assistants (2009)1

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