Most drama movie trivia of 2007

1No Country For Old Men pictureNo Country For Old Men (2007)7
2Ghost Rider pictureGhost Rider (2007)5
3Death Sentence pictureDeath Sentence (2007)5
4Knocked Up pictureKnocked Up (2007)5
5I Am Legend pictureI Am Legend (2007)4
6Into the Wild pictureInto the Wild (2007)4
7Juno pictureJuno (2007)3
8The Kingdom pictureThe Kingdom (2007)3
9Daddy's Little Girls pictureDaddy's Little Girls (2007)3
10Beowulf pictureBeowulf (2007)2
11Hannibal Rising pictureHannibal Rising (2007)2
12The Mist pictureThe Mist (2007)2
13Zodiac pictureZodiac (2007)2
14P.S. I Love You pictureP.S. I Love You (2007)2
15Control pictureControl (2007)2
16The Savages pictureThe Savages (2007)2
17Across the Universe pictureAcross the Universe (2007)2
18American Gangster pictureAmerican Gangster (2007)1
19White Noise 2: The Light pictureWhite Noise 2: The Light (2007)1
20Savage Grace pictureSavage Grace (2007)1
21Premonition picturePremonition (2007)1
22TMNT pictureTMNT (2007)1
23The Last Mimzy pictureThe Last Mimzy (2007)1
24Disturbia pictureDisturbia (2007)1
25Mr. Brooks pictureMr. Brooks (2007)1
26High School Musical 2 pictureHigh School Musical 2 (2007)1
27La Vie En Rose pictureLa Vie En Rose (2007)1
28Atonement pictureAtonement (2007)1
29He Was a Quiet Man pictureHe Was a Quiet Man (2007)1
30Reign Over Me pictureReign Over Me (2007)1
31Superman/Doomsday pictureSuperman/Doomsday (2007)1
32Capturing Mary pictureCapturing Mary (2007)1



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