Trivia: The song that Juno and Bleeker sing at the end of the movie is called "Anyone Else" by the Moldy Peaches. The original song is played by a girl (Kimya Dawson) and a boy (Adam Green) but in the movie Bleeker sings the girl's part and Juno the guy's part.

Trivia: The webpage Mark is looking at when Juno arrives shows a picture of a woman holding a dog. The woman is writer Diablo Cody. (01:05:55)

Jeff Swanson

Trivia: When Juno and Mark are watching the horror film "Wizard of Gore", you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: The man who plays Juno's chemistry teacher is the DJ Lucas MacFadden, better known as Cut Chemist. His logo (a pair of scissors hanging over a beaker) can be seen in the form of prop scissors hanging over a beaker in the classroom.

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