Most mystery movie continuity mistakes of 2003

1Holes pictureHoles (2003)38
2Paycheck picturePaycheck (2003)23
3Identity pictureIdentity (2003)20
4The Big Empty pictureThe Big Empty (2003)19
5Basic pictureBasic (2003)19
6The House of the Dead pictureThe House of the Dead (2003)15
7The Gathering pictureThe Gathering (2003)12
8In the Cut pictureIn the Cut (2003)7
9The Haunted Mansion pictureThe Haunted Mansion (2003)6
10Mystic River pictureMystic River (2003)4
11Gothika pictureGothika (2003)4
12The Order pictureThe Order (2003)3
13Dogville pictureDogville (2003)2
14Piglet's Big Movie picturePiglet's Big Movie (2003)2
15Hatchetman pictureHatchetman (2003)2
16Swimming Pool pictureSwimming Pool (2003)2
17Wonderland pictureWonderland (2003)2
18Dead End pictureDead End (2003)1
19Oldboy pictureOldboy (2003)1
20Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman pictureBatman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)1
21My House In Umbria pictureMy House In Umbria (2003)1
221-Ichi picture1-Ichi (2003)1

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