The House of the Dead

Continuity mistake: The rain comes and goes from moment to moment. This is especially noticeable during the extremely long shootout sequence where it is alternately raining/not raining between cuts.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Rudy shoots the powder keg he is restrained by a zombie reaching through the door. The close-shots have him there, and in the far-shot he is gone, then he reappears in the close shot again.

Selena Parisher

Continuity mistake: In the end, the main monster is wearing Greg's face. When he pulls off his hood you can see a full head of hair and no creases, but seconds later when he pulls the mask off the mask only consists of the front half of the head, there is no hair attached at all.

Continuity mistake: When Rudy fell on the bridge it was his right hand that was injured by a nail going right through it. But in later scenes when they are back inside the house, his left hand is bandaged instead of his right one.

Continuity mistake: In the boat shootout, the same zombie (with the net on his back) is killed four or more times.

Continuity mistake: Note the final battle scene in front of the "house". That is, the house that was blown up earlier by a keg of gun powder.

Continuity mistake: Depending on what the zombies are trying to accomplish they either move veeeery slowly or at top speed, for example, when Kirk is on the boat, they swim with deft ability through the water but when they get on the boat and are ready to attack they move with stiff limbs.

Continuity mistake: When the swimmer-girl notices that her boyfriend disappeared and she walks back to the beach leaving the water, her back and chest are already dry.

Continuity mistake: As they are walking up to the house for the first time with all sorts of guns, the type of gun changes between them quite a lot.


Continuity mistake: When Captain Kirk commits suicide, his dynamite blows the door in allowing the zombies to enter the house. Then when Simon is grabbed he uses his gun to blow up the barrel of gunpowder and that explosion causes the door to get blown off once again. (01:08:50 - 01:11:10)

Continuity mistake: Kirk leaves his ship and appears on land shooting at the zombies in the water. Yet he is not wet at all.

Continuity mistake: When the characters are shown in bullet time in the long shootout scene, they are all wearing different clothes than in the previous normal time scenes.

Continuity mistake: When the swimmer girl is walking through the forest looking for her missing boyfriend, at first she is only wearing her thong. In the next shot of her, she's wearing all the clothes she had on before she jumped in the water.

Continuity mistake: The guy who gets sprayed with acid in the face is holding a bandage on it shortly after getting sprayed and has a silver watch visible. The shot jumps from him to some one else and then back, where he has no watch visible, then back to some one else then back to him with his watch back but sleeve covering part of it.

Continuity mistake: When Simon has been covered in acid, he is leaning against a tree, and in one shot we can see Liberty standing up. But in the next shot she is kneeling down, and then in the next standing up again.

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