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The House of the Dead (2003)

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Corrected entry: When the survivors battle the dead outside the shack, there are closeups of the humans that show them firing, switching from real time to slow-motion then back. In these shots, the girls' guns change between shots. They go from firing shotguns in real time to holding pistols in slow-mo, then back to shotguns in real time, or vice versa.

Correction: Artistic license. Since they were trying to make the movie like a game these are like previews of the character's abilities. Like in Liberty's preview she kills a zombie that is not there, it's just showing her abilities.

Corrected entry: Many of the zombies are shot in the chest, or shoulder, or in some other part of the body and just lay as if down. Zombies need to be shot in the head to be killed.


Correction: That is the rule in most zombie movies, but not all. For instance in ROTLD the zombies don't die even after being shot in the head, and in Resident Evil they can be killed by shooting them in the head or spinal cord. So the rules vary for different movies, and in House of the Dead it seems they can be killed by being shot anywhere.

Corrected entry: Anyone notice the extremely localized storm on the boat? It doesn't rain anywhere else but on the boat.

Correction: It's a fairly sizable island, and, chances are, the storm was moving toward it. One of the characters even mentions that he can sense a storm coming.

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Corrected entry: Note that when Greg is killed, he dies with a hand grenade strapped to his shoulder. (The weapons hadn't been passed out yet).

Correction: Before Greg leaves, the marshal hands him a bag of weapons and a gun. It is safe to assume that the marshall provided him with the grenades before they got seperated in the woods.

Revealing mistake: In several scenes of the zombies swimming under water, they are obviously holding their breath. Would a dead zombie need to do that?


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Rogan: Who are you?
Rudy: Who are you?
Rogan: We're here to rescue you.
Rudy: Oh... thanks.

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