Mystic River

Continuity mistake: When Penn is drinking whiskey, he puts the bottle on the table, with no hull, later it has a hull and then it's again with no hull.

Continuity mistake: When Sean Penn is being interrogated by the cops, his coffee mug is yellow in the wall angle, and white in the rest of the shots.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kevin Bacon and Laurence Fishburne go to Tim Robbins' house to speak to him about being in the bar on the night of the murder, they all walk down the street together, as Dave is walking his son to school. In one shot, following the men from behind, it shows them walking past a red brick building, then a blue cape cod style building. When they are about halfway past this blue building, it cuts to a shot taken from in front of them (showing their faces), in which we can see them walking past the red brick building and then the blue building again. (01:01:15)

Continuity mistake: When Boyle is interrogated by the cops, the pencil in front of him swaps from being parallel to him to slightly skewed between shots.

Sacha Premium member

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