Most crime movie mistakes of 1998

1Ronin pictureRonin (1998)58
2American History X pictureAmerican History X (1998)45
3The Big Lebowski pictureThe Big Lebowski (1998)40
4Lethal Weapon 4 pictureLethal Weapon 4 (1998)32
5Rush Hour pictureRush Hour (1998)24
6The Siege pictureThe Siege (1998)22
7Black Dog pictureBlack Dog (1998)18
8The Negotiator pictureThe Negotiator (1998)16
9Run Lola Run pictureRun Lola Run (1998)16
10Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels pictureLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)12
11The Replacement Killers pictureThe Replacement Killers (1998)11
12The Big Hit pictureThe Big Hit (1998)10
13Half Baked pictureHalf Baked (1998)10
14Hard Rain pictureHard Rain (1998)10
15Snake Eyes pictureSnake Eyes (1998)10
16Wild Things pictureWild Things (1998)9
17Les Miserables pictureLes Miserables (1998)7
18Out of Sight pictureOut of Sight (1998)6
19Fallen pictureFallen (1998)6
20Very Bad Things pictureVery Bad Things (1998)6
21Rounders pictureRounders (1998)5
22Belly pictureBelly (1998)5
23A Simple Plan pictureA Simple Plan (1998)4
24Another Day in Paradise pictureAnother Day in Paradise (1998)4
25A Murder of Crows pictureA Murder of Crows (1998)3
26Croupier pictureCroupier (1998)2
27Following pictureFollowing (1998)2
28Thursday pictureThursday (1998)2
29Killing Time pictureKilling Time (1998)2
30Beck - Öga för Öga (1998)1
31Devil In the Flesh pictureDevil In the Flesh (1998)1
32Jane Austen's Mafia! pictureJane Austen's Mafia! (1998)1
33The Newton Boys pictureThe Newton Boys (1998)1
34Twilight pictureTwilight (1998)1

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