Most action movie other mistakes of 1996

1Independence Day pictureIndependence Day (1996)10
2Twister pictureTwister (1996)9
3Eraser pictureEraser (1996)5
4Escape From L.A. pictureEscape From L.A. (1996)5
5Mars Attacks! pictureMars Attacks! (1996)5
6The Rock pictureThe Rock (1996)3
7Daylight pictureDaylight (1996)3
8The Glimmer Man pictureThe Glimmer Man (1996)3
9D3: The Mighty Ducks pictureD3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)3
10Broken Arrow pictureBroken Arrow (1996)2
11Last Man Standing pictureLast Man Standing (1996)2
12The Quest pictureThe Quest (1996)2
13Bulletproof pictureBulletproof (1996)1
14Tremors 2 pictureTremors 2 (1996)1
15Courage Under Fire pictureCourage Under Fire (1996)1
16Dragonheart pictureDragonheart (1996)1
17The Substitute pictureThe Substitute (1996)1
18Carnosaur 3: Primal Species pictureCarnosaur 3: Primal Species (1996)1
19Darkman III: Die Darkman Die pictureDarkman III: Die Darkman Die (1996)1
20Executive Decision pictureExecutive Decision (1996)1
21Jingle All the Way pictureJingle All the Way (1996)1
22Mission: Impossible pictureMission: Impossible (1996)1
23The Arrival pictureThe Arrival (1996)1
24Ransom pictureRansom (1996)1



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