Most action movie mistakes of 1994

1Speed pictureSpeed (1994)212
2True Lies pictureTrue Lies (1994)86
3Ace Ventura: Pet Detective pictureAce Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)57
4The Chase pictureThe Chase (1994)39
5The Mask pictureThe Mask (1994)32
6D2: The Mighty Ducks pictureD2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)32
7Star Trek: Generations pictureStar Trek: Generations (1994)31
8The Crow pictureThe Crow (1994)28
9Stargate pictureStargate (1994)24
10A Low Down Dirty Shame pictureA Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)24
11The River Wild pictureThe River Wild (1994)18
12The Shadow pictureThe Shadow (1994)17
13Beverly Hills Cop III pictureBeverly Hills Cop III (1994)17
14Leon pictureLeon (1994)17
15Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult pictureNaked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994)15
16Clear And Present Danger pictureClear And Present Danger (1994)15
17On Deadly Ground pictureOn Deadly Ground (1994)11
18Guyver: Dark Hero pictureGuyver: Dark Hero (1994)11
19The Specialist pictureThe Specialist (1994)11
20Drop Zone pictureDrop Zone (1994)11
21A.P.E.X. pictureA.P.E.X. (1994)10
22Street Fighter pictureStreet Fighter (1994)10
23Blown Away pictureBlown Away (1994)10
24Wyatt Earp pictureWyatt Earp (1994)8
25Double Dragon pictureDouble Dragon (1994)8
26Terminal Velocity pictureTerminal Velocity (1994)7
27Natural Born Killers pictureNatural Born Killers (1994)6
28I Love Trouble pictureI Love Trouble (1994)6
29Timecop pictureTimecop (1994)6
30The Next Karate Kid pictureThe Next Karate Kid (1994)6
31Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead picturePhantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994)5
32Blankman pictureBlankman (1994)5
33Rapa Nui pictureRapa Nui (1994)5
34Kickboxer 4: The Agressor pictureKickboxer 4: The Agressor (1994)5
35No Escape pictureNo Escape (1994)4
363 Ninjas Kick Back picture3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)3
37Surviving the Game pictureSurviving the Game (1994)3
38Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie pictureStreet Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)3
39The Cowboy Way pictureThe Cowboy Way (1994)2
40Zero Tolerance pictureZero Tolerance (1994)2
41The Getaway pictureThe Getaway (1994)2
42Highlander III: The Sorcerer pictureHighlander III: The Sorcerer (1994)2
43Warriors pictureWarriors (1994)2
44Death Wish 5: The Face of Death pictureDeath Wish 5: The Face of Death (1994)1
45Fist Of Legend pictureFist Of Legend (1994)1
46Crackerjack pictureCrackerjack (1994)1
47Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur pictureHercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994)1
48Shopping pictureShopping (1994)1
49Legend of the Red Dragon pictureLegend of the Red Dragon (1994)1
50Dinosaur Island pictureDinosaur Island (1994)1



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