Most romance movie continuity mistakes of 1988

1Big pictureBig (1988)28
2The Naked Gun pictureThe Naked Gun (1988)26
3Coming to America pictureComing to America (1988)23
4Cocktail pictureCocktail (1988)19
5Willow pictureWillow (1988)17
6Working Girl pictureWorking Girl (1988)12
7Heathers pictureHeathers (1988)10
8Cinema Paradiso pictureCinema Paradiso (1988)9
9Dragons Forever pictureDragons Forever (1988)9
10Space Mutiny pictureSpace Mutiny (1988)8
11Bull Durham pictureBull Durham (1988)7
12Earth Girls Are Easy pictureEarth Girls Are Easy (1988)5
13Dangerous Liaisons pictureDangerous Liaisons (1988)4
14Mystic Pizza pictureMystic Pizza (1988)3
15Tequila Sunrise pictureTequila Sunrise (1988)3
16Salsa pictureSalsa (1988)2
17The Unbearable Lightness of Being pictureThe Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)2
18For Keeps pictureFor Keeps (1988)1
19Married to the Mob pictureMarried to the Mob (1988)1
20Buster pictureBuster (1988)1
21She's Having A Baby pictureShe's Having A Baby (1988)1
22High Spirits pictureHigh Spirits (1988)1
23Iron Eagle II pictureIron Eagle II (1988)1
24Everybody's All American pictureEverybody's All American (1988)1



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