10th Aug 2009

iCarly (2007)

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Corrected entry: Season 1, episode 6 "iNevel": Towards the end of the episode, Carly invites Nevil round to her apartment. Once he is at the door, he says "I'm Nevil, I'm coming in now", but notice, on the words "I'm coming in now", his mouth is moving a lot before he says it.


Correction: No, his lips match what he's saying the entire time.


Corrected entry: Right after James, Jack, and Will engage in sword fighting, Elizabeth runs after them shouting and angry. As she looks at them initially, the background behind them is tropical forest and mountains. The scene cuts back to Elizabeth, then returns to the fighting men but the background for the rest of the scene is ocean and beach, with no mountains to be seen. (01:47:45)

Correction: No, look again. They head towards the mountains, but then turn left towards the ocean shore. The mountains don't disappear - they're just out of shot to the right.


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