19th Mar 2016

London Has Fallen (2016)

Corrected entry: The Police Commissioner addresses terrorists and introduces himself as "Chief Inspector".

Correction: Chief Inspector is a specific rank in the Metropolitan Police which is way lower than Commissioner - this is possibly a mixup with term Chief Constable which is used in other UK police services.

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Correction: He is a chief inspector. Police Commissioners in the UK are very different from the USA.

No he's not a Chief Inspector (identified by 3 Bath Stars) - that rank is nowhere near the head of any police force. Most UK forces are headed by a Chief Constable. The Met is headed by the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

1st Aug 2016

Jason Bourne (2016)

Corrected entry: When Jason Bourne is supposedly in London when he's in a van with the agent - look out the windshield and the Luxor pyramid hotel in Las Vegas is visible. He doesn't go there until the next scene. (01:15:45)

Correction: It's not the Luxor, it's a pyramid-shaped retail building at 161-165 High Street in Watford, north-west of London. It used to be a video store, and is now an outdoor gear store (Cotswold Outdoor).

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27th Sep 2014

The November Man (2014)

Correction: The shot of a Mercedes is used because Mason is having a flashback to the incident in Montenegro at the beginning of the film, as he is about to make a similarly rash decision to disobey an order from a superior officer.

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Corrected entry: At Hendricks' press conference, there are plates with country names. However, there are no such countries as "Dagestan" and "Kalmykia", these are parts of Russia.

Correction: Hendricks isn't doing a press conference or speaking at the UN - he is speaking at the Kremlin, so the delegates behind him would correctly be representing the federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

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1st Feb 2014

The Family (2013)

Correction: The movie is set in 1995. France didn't switch currency to the Euro until 1999.

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26th Sep 2007

Star Wars (1977)

Corrected entry: Princess Leia knows the Millennium Falcon was being tracked as it headed to the rebel base, but she still decides to deliver the stolen plans in person. Why didn't she just transmit them across space like when she first got them at the start of the film?

Correction: Since the Empire controls the HoloNet, the Rebels are unable to transmit information quickly over such large distances as Tatooine to Yavin, which is why Leia's ship had to be sent to intercept the Death Star specifications in the first place.

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28th May 2007

Heroes (2006)

Hiros - S1-E5

Corrected entry: In episode 5, "Hiros", Mr Bennet and The Haitian hold Nathan at gun point when Nathan reaches a dead end (the fence) after trying to make an attempt to run away. Nathan then leaps into the air and flies off. However, The Haitian cancels out other people's powers when they are near him, so Nathan should not have been able to fly. This same thing happens again in Episode 16, "Unexpected," on the roof of the Deveaux Building where Mr Bennet and The Haitian attempt to capture Claude and Peter, but Peter flies away, and Claude manages to still be invisible.

Correction: The Haitian negates other people's powers at will - in "Five Years Gone", Parkman is able to read minds with the Haitian standing next to him. Now remember that the Haitian actually works for Peter and Nathan's mother, and he may be under orders to allow the Petrellis to escape the Company's clutches.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Akasha exits the Vampire Bar in London, you can see the green Melbourne City Wheelie Bins in the background.

Correction: Similar green wheelie bins are also used in London for recycling purposes.

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