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Corrected entry: After Lestat helps Jessie up outside the Admirals Arms, you see the street sign that says "Guild End Lane E3". When Jessie was Presenting to the Talamasca, She said the lyrics struck her as familiar because there was a club at the "Mile End" in the area. Therefore the sign should have Mile instead of Guild. (00:42:25)

Correction: That's what people back in the 1600's called it. They called it the 'Mile' because people where being lured to the bar, never to be seen again. It wasn't until now that it was changed to 'Guild END Lane E3".

Corrected entry: When Lestat walks into the room where Marius has Akasha and her King imprisoned, there are two pools on the sides of the room and a narrow walkway in the middle. When Lestat walks down the walkway and looks around the room, his reflection can be seen in the water. Since he is a vampire he should not have a reflection.

Correction: In Anne Rice's books, it is stated quite that vampires do have reflections. She writes about Lestat and how he looks in the mirror when he's being bathed by the women in 'Queen of The Damned'. Although 'normal' legendary vampires have no reflection, it's not so with Anne Rice's vampires.

Corrected entry: Not to be picky but I've always found that at a rock concert it really isn't that easy to walk to the front through all the crowds, vampire or not. Especially if the band is as popular as Lestat's was supposed to have been. No matter how skillful the vampire, they can't magic their way through a wall of people.

Correction: They didn't use magic or push their way through. If you look closely you will see that they flew over the top of the crowd.

Corrected entry: When Lestat stabs Jessie's thumb on the broken rock/glass, he does it in the middle of the pad of the thumb (even though you don't see the entire digit, you can tell by the skin print in the closeup). When he brings the thumb to his mouth, he sucks on the knuckle. More so, you see no blood on the thumb when he brings it to his mouth. (00:42:50)

Correction: In the shot where Lestat's back is to the camera, you can see that he did have the pad of her thumb in his mouth. In the shots where he's facing the camera, you can only see his hand, not hers.

Corrected entry: Jesse says to Lastat that the song redeemer is about the girl with the violin but really the song has no mention of a girl what so ever.

Correction: In the movie you see a lyrics sheet and this has the violin story in it. However the song recorded for the soundtrack has been changed dramatically.

Corrected entry: The vampires are out to kill Lestat to stop him from further exposing them, yet they choose to attack him when he's performing in front of thousands of people instead of quietly behind the scenes.

Correction: Anne Rice wrote in her book that the vampires planned to destroy Lestat on stage. It was a plan since the beginning of the book.

Corrected entry: When Aaliyah walks out of the bar almost towards the end of the movie, her eyes are brown. For the remainder of the movie her eyes are green.

Correction: Throughout the movie, whenever you see a close up of a vampire when they're eating their eyes seem to go darker. In the bar Akasha is feeding so it would only be natural for her eyes to go dark too.

Corrected entry: When Lestat was ordered to kill Jessie, he fed on her, but not enough to kill her. Akasha thought she was dead, but should have known she wasn't because Akasha should have been able to hear her heart beating like she could earlier in the film.

Correction: Jesse was dead enough to not be humanly revived. But not to be revived as a Vampire. With her heart beating as low as it was it wouldn't have been anything worth Akasha's attention

Corrected entry: During the press conference near the beginning of the film, a reporter mentions that the Death Valley concert will be Lestat's first and only concert, and asks why he is only doing one. However, at the end of the movie, when David is looking through articles about Lestat, one of the headlines mentions the beginning of Lestat's World Tour.

Correction: When David is looking at the paper, if you look closely, Lestat's band is continuing the tour without Lestat. The headline is misleading, but the subheadline clarifies that Lestat has left the band.

Corrected entry: When Lestat bites Jessie, supposedly killing her, we see the strap of her bra slide down her upper arm as she falls back in his embrace. He then lays her on her back, supposedly dead, and it is - ahem - quite obvious that she is not wearing a bra.

Correction: If you look at the left side of her chest, you can see her white bra through her dress.


Corrected entry: In Jesse's flashback while sleeping, towards the beginning of the movie, she goes to see Maharet in the large hall. She first approaches in a night gown, but when the camera switches between the two, her dress regularly changes to a black one with a lace collar. This scene was originally longer, but it is still a mistake.

Correction: It is at a different time. Jesse's hair is also different in the second part, when her dress changes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Akasha exits the Vampire Bar in London, you can see the green Melbourne City Wheelie Bins in the background.

Correction: Similar green wheelie bins are also used in London for recycling purposes.

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Corrected entry: In the vampire bar scene, when Akasha is eating the blonde vampire's heart, The metal plate that hangs off of her dress comes to a V point on the bottom. But in the shot where Akasha walks through the flames out of the vampire bar, the metal plate has a square bottom.

Correction: The metal plate has a V shaped point all the way through the scene, even when she walks through the flames.

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Audio problem: In the scene during the flashback of when Lestat was first created during the shot with the girl on the beach, Lestat begins to play with her. When there is a close up of the woman's face, you can see her bow strokes. However, the strokes don't match up with the audio on the song you hear. (00:26:30)

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David Talbot: Can I ask...?
Jesse: What's it like?
David Talbot: Yes.
Jesse: Do you want to find out?
David Talbot: Me? No, no - I'm too old to live forever.

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Trivia: There's a scene where Jesse gets out of a cab and is harassed by a scalper selling tickets to Lestat's concert. The scalper is played by none other than Jonathan Davis who performed many of the movie's original songs.

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Question: In the opening shot, the camera lingers on LeStat's tomb for just a second. What did the door say? The picture on VHS is to grainy for me to read if it is paused, and the shot goes too fast.

Answer: All I can read is the name, Sebastian Fairchild. The rest of the text is too small and the camera angle is too far up to be readable.

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