26th Jul 2006

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Corrected entry: When Malcolm is outside Cole's building before they speak for the first time, he reviews notes with Cole's name at the top of a page that contained circled symptoms. We see a close-up of the same page in a later shot and can see that it contains notes of their first discussion in the church. But he could not have taken these notes, as he hasn't yet spoken to Cole at the time he is first reviewing it.


Correction: The first notes page is from his referral - he circled certain things that stuck out to him. After talking to Cole, he later added more notes.

David R Turner

30th May 2006

X-Men 3 (2006)

Corrected entry: When Magneto is leading the Brotherhood across the Golden Gate Bridge, Jean is walking to his far left. In the following shots, Jean jumps to Magneto's far right.


Correction: Actually what happens is this: we first see them walking with her on his left, then Magneto stops, everyone behind him keeps walking past him, then they stop and everyone, including Magneto, turns around to face the other direction, resulting in Jean now being on his right, then Magneto proceeds to move the bridge.

30th Jul 2005

Friends (1994)

The One with the Monkey - S1-E10

Corrected entry: This episode is taking place the week before New Year's Eve, so why is Joey still working as an elf in a department store? During one scene, Monica is dismantling the Christmas tree and Joey walks in wearing the elf costume and talking about the single mom he met while she was waiting in line with her kids. These dates don't seem to add up.


Correction: A week before New Year's Eve is Christmas Eve, they are exactly seven days apart. It could also be on Christmas Day. Joey would still be working as an elf because little children want to see Santa on Christmas. Monica would be taking the tree down because she's obsessive about cleaning and the Christmas celebration at her apartment was over.

12th Sep 2005

Lost (2004)

Correction: The hair does not look any shorter.

Bowling255 Premium member

25th Jul 2005

The Island (2005)

Corrected entry: As Lincoln and Jordan are escaping the Institute, they are crawling through construction areas and ventilation shafts, getting their white jump suits visibly dirty. Once they emerge from the Institute into the real world, their suits are instantly clean again.


Correction: No, their suits are filthy. When they first emerge into the "real" world, there is very bright sunlight, and it is harder to see the dirt, but then as the scenes progress and they are walking further through the desert, you can clearly see that their suits are covered in dry "filth".

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: As the crew begins their trek to the whaling camp, their faces are almost entirely exposed throughout the journey. With all her talk of safety and being prepared, you would think that Lex would encourage complete coverage against the elements. Wouldn't this result in severe frostbite in the middle of Antarctica?


Correction: Not necessarily. They travel most of the trip to the whaling camp inside a snowmobile. And covering their faces is only needed when it's windy, which it isn't in this case.


Corrected entry: When the group is descending down the massive spiral wooden staircase,all the close-up shots show each of the cast holding on to a railing. In the wider shots taken further away, there is no railing visible.


Correction: If you watch carefully during the far away shots you can see that the railing actually starts and stops as it goes down. There are missing sections. The close up shots where the cast is holding on to the railing there is actually a railing present. There are also close up shots that show the cast not behind a railing which is consistent with certain far away shots depicting sections without railing.

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