The Sixth Sense

Corrected entry: When Malcolm is outside Cole's building before they speak for the first time, he reviews notes with Cole's name at the top of a page that contained circled symptoms. We see a close-up of the same page in a later shot and can see that it contains notes of their first discussion in the church. But he could not have taken these notes, as he hasn't yet spoken to Cole at the time he is first reviewing it.


Correction: The first notes page is from his referral - he circled certain things that stuck out to him. After talking to Cole, he later added more notes.

David R Turner

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cole and his mother are sitting in traffic (due to an accident ahead)and Cole tells his mom he wants to share his secret, the mom's bangs and right side of her hair moves as if there is wind, even though all the windows are rolled up.

Correction: The driver side window is open for the entire scene.

Corrected entry: In the "Stuttering Stanley" scene in the classroom, the boom mike makes a prominent appearance over the teacher's head.

Correction: I didn't see the mike. I saw the hardware that holds up the map on the wall. Would you please be more specific as to when the mike is visible in that scene?

Corrected entry: I enjoy the scene with 'Stuttering Stanley', but how does Cole know about this? There is nothing else in the movie about Cole having knowledge of living people's childhoods, or other secrets. He sees dead people, that's all.


Correction: Later it shows him talking to a ghost that had been burned. Stanley then mentions of a fire that happened when he went to school there. It is safe to assume that this ghost told Cole about it when she was trying to get his help earlier.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film Malcolm Crowe comes down the stairs to the living room. The camera is at a low angle looking up from the living room floor toward the vestibule area at the foot of the stairs. There is a leather covered sofa and two overstuffed leather chairs crammed side by side to fit into the space. Crowe's wife is slouched in one of the chairs. The camera changes to above, the wife falls asleep and drops Crowe's ring, which now rolls over open floor boards. Where did all the furniture go?

Correction: The only furniture visible (related to this "mistake") is the couch on which she is sleeping and the couch which he sits on. There is plenty of space between them for the shot to happen and we aren't shown anything to be in between the two couches.


Corrected entry: I find it hard to believe that if Malcolm thought he was treating a patient, he wouldn't try to communicate with the parent, thus he would have figured out something wasn't right because she wouldn't have responded to him.


Correction: The same thing could be said of his day to day interactions with the entire world. He doesn't use the bathroom anymore, he doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep. He has convinced himself that he is not dead and so his psyche ignores all evidence to the contrary. This is not a plot hole, it's a plot point.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the second scene showing Cole entering his house via key, you can see he uses his left hand to unlock the door, yet he hands the key to his mom with his right hand.

Correction: Switching the keys between his hands would be a simple and virtually instantaneous movement.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Malcolm arrives for dinner at the restaurant with his wife he says: "I thought you meant the other Italian restaurant I asked you to marry me at". When, and why, could she have said this to him? She can't see him because he's dead, so why would she be talking about where she wanted to go for their anniversary meal.

Correction: We don't know where Malcolm gets his information. No one really hired him to meet with Cole either, and no one told him when Cole had been sent to the hospital, but he knew anyway. But since the dead does not know they are dead there must be some outside force that work on Malcolm's mind, giving him such information, so that the illusion he has about still being alive is maintained.


Corrected entry: Malcolm isn't reflected in the door handle in that famous shot of Cole's hand reaching for it. I think this was done on purpose.


Correction: In the DVD version, you can plainly see Malcolm's reflection when Cole reaches for the doorknob. You can't see his face, but that would be out of the range of the reflection. You can see his left side.

Corrected entry: When Cole comes home from school before they play "the game", when he opens the door you can see that it is night outside, but when the shot faces Malcolm, you can see the daylight coming in from outside the window, behind him.

Correction: The door behind Cole doesn't lead directly to the outdoors. It leads to a dark hallway.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: According to the DVD commentary, the temperature in the movie only dropped when angry ghosts were around (which is why the temperature didn't change when Malcolm was around for most of the movie.) But he didn't seem angry at the very end, and yet the temperature was dropping; his wife was shivering in the cold up to the end.

Correction: The DVD commentary says the temperature drops if a ghost is upset or angry. At the end, Malcolm discovers his true nature - enough to make anybody upset.

I would think that this could happen in terms of the confusion and emotion finally figuring out you're dead.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cole tells his mother his secret, all the cars stuck in traffic have Pennsylvania inspection stickers on the lower part of the windshield. However, the car that Cole and his mother are in does not. (01:31:25)

Correction: It is not unrealistic to believe that the car was simply not inspected.

Corrected entry: Kyra's hand can be seen under the bed just before reaching out for Cole.

Correction: She was under the bed, he couldn't see her, and the fact that we can see her hand just moments before really isn't a mistake. She is there waiting for him.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Cole can only see the dead people and doesn't witness the manner of their death. Why are the three people depicted as still hanging? They should be walking around with maybe strained necks.

Correction: They probably can't get down. Objects with people when they died seem to remain afterwards.

Corrected entry: Cole tells Bruce Willis his secret and then asks Bruce Willis not to tell anyone. If Cole knows Bruce Willis is dead and invisible to everyone else, who is Willis going to tell?

Correction: He also knows that Willis doesn't know he's dead and is playing along with it.

Garlonuss Premium member

Also, he may not have wanted him telling other ghosts.

Corrected entry: Cole was the only one who could see the ghosts in his apartment. Dr. Malcolm Crowe turns out to be a ghost. So why could his mother see the doctor? She introduces him to Cole near the beginning of the film.

Correction: No, she does not see Dr. Crowe. In fact, she never speaks to Malcolm, she never even looks at him. She is speaking only to her son at her apartment, when Malcolm arrives for his 'appointment'.

What I'm wondering is how did Malcolm get in the apartment? Obviously Cole's mother didn't let him in, and Cole himself wasn't at home yet.

Ghosts are not bound by pesky things such as walls and doors.

Corrected entry: Cole confesses his secret to Malcolm by uttering the eternal words 'I see DEAD people', but at the end, when Malcolm discovers the truth, he thinks about Cole's secret and we hear Cole say 'I SEE PEOPLE'.

Correction: In the scene, we are experiencing the memories from Malcolm's point of view, and Malcolm was skeptical of Cole's ability until toward the end of the movie. First, Malcolm remembers that Cole said, "I see people", but it didn't start to dawn on him until he remembers Cole's next statement, "They don't know they're dead." Then, he realizes all the clues that he missed and understands that he is dead. By the end of the flashback sequence, he has a new perspective on death and life. So, this isn't a mistake. It's the result of Malcolm's gradual realization of his own death through slowly remembering things that Cole had told him previously.

Corrected entry: I was wondering - was this movie made by the same people who made 12 Monkeys? In 12 Monkeys, Bruce Willis plays a guy named "Cole" and at one time he says, "All I see are dead people" there's even red symbology and a surprising end. In this movie, the boy is named, "Cole" and says, "I see dead people," and you know the rest...

Correction: And both films take place in Philadelphia. But the answer is no, the two films were not made by the same production company or people.

Corrected entry: Bruce Willis's clothes are inconsistent. He keeps on wearing the grey shirt (which he was wearing when he was shot), but manages to acquire a tie, suitcoat and overcoat after he is dead.

R W Hlavac

Correction: If you watch the DVD it is explained that Bruce's character wears clothes that he had been wearing on the day that he died (not necessarily the precise moment he died), so that is where he got the tie and coat etc. from.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: When Vincent shoots himself in the bathroom, you hear the splatter, but you can still see part of the bathroom door, and no blood is visible. (00:10:10)

Correction: I checked it frame-by-frame, the camera pans away from the bathroom, a gunshot is heard, and we never see the bathroom again.

Anthony Chiaro

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