The Sixth Sense

Corrected entry: Cole confesses his secret to Malcolm by uttering the eternal words 'I see DEAD people', but at the end, when Malcolm discovers the truth, he thinks about Cole's secret and we hear Cole say 'I SEE PEOPLE'.

Correction: In the scene, we are experiencing the memories from Malcolm's point of view, and Malcolm was skeptical of Cole's ability until toward the end of the movie. First, Malcolm remembers that Cole said, "I see people", but it didn't start to dawn on him until he remembers Cole's next statement, "They don't know they're dead." Then, he realizes all the clues that he missed and understands that he is dead. By the end of the flashback sequence, he has a new perspective on death and life. So, this isn't a mistake. It's the result of Malcolm's gradual realization of his own death through slowly remembering things that Cole had told him previously.


Corrected entry: Bruce Willis's clothes are inconsistent. He keeps on wearing the grey shirt (which he was wearing when he was shot), but manages to acquire a tie, suitcoat and overcoat after he is dead.

R W Hlavac

Correction: If you watch the DVD it is explained that Bruce's character wears clothes that he had been wearing on the day that he died (not necessarily the precise moment he died), so that is where he got the tie and coat etc. from.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: When Vincent shoots himself in the bathroom, you hear the splatter, but you can still see part of the bathroom door, and no blood is visible. (00:10:10)

Correction: I checked it frame-by-frame, the camera pans away from the bathroom, a gunshot is heard, and we never see the bathroom again.

Anthony Chiaro

Corrected entry: One of the rules in the movie is "Dead people don't know they are dead". But it's obvious that both the murdered girl (she gives Cole a video where she can see how is she poisoned in order to incriminate her mother) and his grandmother (she tells him an answer to his mother) knows it. Both cases break the rule.

Correction: He actually says that dead people don't always know they're dead.


Corrected entry: I enjoy the scene with 'Stuttering Stanley', but how does Cole know about this? There is nothing else in the movie about Cole having knowledge of living people's childhoods, or other secrets. He sees dead people, that's all.


Correction: Later it shows him talking to a ghost that had been burned. Stanley then mentions of a fire that happened when he went to school there. It is safe to assume that this ghost told Cole about it when she was trying to get his help earlier.

Corrected entry: When Malcolm arrives for dinner at the restaurant with his wife he says: "I thought you meant the other Italian restaurant I asked you to marry me at". When, and why, could she have said this to him? She can't see him because he's dead, so why would she be talking about where she wanted to go for their anniversary meal.

Correction: We don't know where Malcolm gets his information. No one really hired him to meet with Cole either, and no one told him when Cole had been sent to the hospital, but he knew anyway. But since the dead does not know they are dead there must be some outside force that work on Malcolm's mind, giving him such information, so that the illusion he has about still being alive is maintained.


Continuity mistake: During the "I See Dead People" scene, Cole is facing Malcolm and a tear runs down his face. When Cole turns away, his face is dry with no trace of a tear.

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Vincent Gray: Do you know why you're afraid when you're alone? I do. I do.

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Trivia: Every time dead people are close by, there is something red in the preceding scene (i.e., when Cole is at the birthday party and is about to get trapped in the attic with the ghosts, there is a red balloon rising toward the ceiling; when Graham comes home to his wife sleeping and is about to realize that he too is dead, she is wearing a red throw; when Cole is in the car with his mother and there is an accident up ahead, she is wearing a red sweater, etc).

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Question: Since Vincent (Malcolm's ex patient who shot him) can also see ghosts, is there any connection with him and Cole or is it just an amazing coincidence?

Answer: There is no direct connection between Cole and Vincent, and it is not really a coincidence. Cole and Vincent did not know each other, but they shared the same ability to see and hear ghosts. After Malcolm was shot and killed, he sought out Cole without understanding that he himself was dead. Vincent was Malcolm's patient and had been deeply troubled because he also saw ghosts. Malcolm is somehow driven to find and help Cole understand and to accept his ability to see and speak to the deceased.

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