14th May 2006

White Oleander

Corrected entry: When Astrid moves to Amelia's foster home, the girls are all hungry because they only get fed dinner. Astrid has to beg for change to call social services. But why couldn't any of the girls get a job so they could have their own money to buy food? Among the six girls in the house, this doesn't occur to any of them. And an even bigger hole - why does Astrid have to beg for change to call? Couldn't she just use the phone in the office at school?

Correction: These are character mistakes, not plot holes.


26th Sep 2005

Flightplan (2005)

Corrected entry: There are so many people who would have seen Julia before she was taken. Only one of the stewardesses was in on the plot, so any of the others would have seen the child in the beginning. As well, any people within two or three rows of Row 26 would have seen the child.

Jason Feng

Correction: Not necessarily. Even though they are the first to board the plane, Julia almost immediately begins playing on the floor (and almost under the seats) and would not be easily noticed by people walking by as they are boarding the plane.


Correction: Do you take note of every person on a plane? Also, Julia appears to be a well behaved child, so it's likely she wouldn't have drawn attention to herself. Try it next time you're in a crowded restaurant, ballgame, etc. Study the crowd for 5 to 10 minutes, then close your eyes and see how many people you can accurately remember as well as where they were sitting.

Corrected entry: When Belle Watling and Melanie talk in Belle's buggy, after she'd provided an alibi for the men, Belle says "If it'd been that Mrs. Kennedy's husband on his own, I wouldn't have [taken them in]." This makes no sense since in the prior scene Rhett told Scarlett that Frank hadn't gone with them to Belle's because he'd been shot in the head, and was lying dead on Decater Road.

Correction: Belle was speaking hypothetically - because of her dislike of Scarlett, IF Frank had approached her for help, she wouldn't have given it to him.


Correction: The pool wasn't completely destroyed, he just broke into the bottom of the pool to get the chest. To keep up the appearance that nothing unusual happened, Paul would have to fix the pool so that no one would notice a difference.


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