White Oleander

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Corrected entry: When Astrid moves to Amelia's foster home, the girls are all hungry because they only get fed dinner. Astrid has to beg for change to call social services. But why couldn't any of the girls get a job so they could have their own money to buy food? Among the six girls in the house, this doesn't occur to any of them. And an even bigger hole - why does Astrid have to beg for change to call? Couldn't she just use the phone in the office at school?

Correction: These are character mistakes, not plot holes.




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The author reveals her limited Spanish when she has a character, purportedly a native Spanish speaker, saying to Ingrid, "¿Cuál es su nombre? Su hija es más guapa." Which translates to, "Which is her name? Your daughter is more beautiful." But in the book, those words are rendered as, "What is her name? Your daughter is very pretty." Not only does the author a) mistranslate the Spanish, but she b) gives the woman words no native speaker of Spanish would say.