Wayne C.

31st May 2005

The Longest Yard (2005)

Corrected entry: Sasquatch was banging his head on his cell wall. Paul Crewe entered and began a conversation with him. In every ensuing shot of Sasquatch, the blood pattern on his forehead had changed, never the same as any shot before. (00:31:45)

Wayne C.

Correction: It's different because he is continuing to bleed more. Insinuating that the last time "Sasquatch" hits his head on the wall is when he cuts his head open. The first cut is it starting to bleed, second it's bleeding more, third it's bleeding into his sweat and running.

That is logical. It has been a very long time since seeing the movie. However, assuming that I was referring to a specific continuing conversation where the camera changed from one to the other and back again, the blood pattern would not have changed markedly in those few seconds. if this is what the comment was about, the conversation was not shot in one continuous take but several takes were done over a period of time. Thus, the best parts of several takes were spliced together, creating a continuity error with the blood being markedly different.

Wayne C.

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