Wayne C.

19th Oct 2005

Dog Gone Love (2004)

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie a hamburger is thrown in hopes that a dog will "fetch" it. When the dog does not do so the hamburger is retrieved twice, in perfect shape, to be thrown two more times. On each throw its various parts would have landed individually all over the place and not been throwable again.

Wayne C.

9th Aug 2005

Saint Ralph (2004)

Revealing mistake: Throughout the extended scene where Ralph was training with Father Hibbert in pouring-down rain, both characters' faces were completely dry when they should have been completely wet.

Wayne C.

17th Feb 2005

Are We There Yet? (2005)

Revealing mistake: In the rain scene approximately 25 minutes into the movie a man is talking to a woman in a very heavy rain. His shirt has very little rain on it and a large part stays completely dry. The dry side is on the side where the rain is coming from.

Wayne C.

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