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Corrected entry: Sasquatch was banging his head on his cell wall. Paul Crewe entered and began a conversation with him. In every ensuing shot of Sasquatch, the blood pattern on his forehead had changed, never the same as any shot before. (00:31:45)

Wayne C.

Correction: It's different because he is continuing to bleed more. Insinuating that the last time "Sasquatch" hits his head on the wall is when he cuts his head open. The first cut is it starting to bleed, second it's bleeding more, third it's bleeding into his sweat and running.

That is logical. It has been a very long time since seeing the movie. However, assuming that I was referring to a specific continuing conversation where the camera changed from one to the other and back again, the blood pattern would not have changed markedly in those few seconds. if this is what the comment was about, the conversation was not shot in one continuous take but several takes were done over a period of time. Thus, the best parts of several takes were spliced together, creating a continuity error with the blood being markedly different.

Wayne C.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Adam Sandler is walking towards the gate out of the football field and the warden is telling the guard to shoot him, two shots show there is no football on the ground. Sandler then picks the football up off the ground from in front of the left side of the gate. (01:40:40)

Correction: The first shot, where the Warden notices Crewe walking towards the exit, shows there is no football on the ground in front of him, however when the Warden gives the Guard the gun and tells him to shoot Crewe, the Guard yells out Crewe's name and the shot goes back to Crewe, where if you look closely between Crewe's knees [timecode approx 1:41:01 you can see it better if you slow mo the film], you can plainly see the football on the ground. The scene goes back to the Guard and the Warden yelling at him and when the shot goes back the Crewe for the next few frames, the shot is looking through the scope of the rifle and only shows Crewe's top half. The next time you see the ball, is when Crewe bends down to pick it up.

Corrected entry: Even if the Warden could frame Crewe for the murder of Caretaker for not throwing the game, the Warden has no jurisdiction on what sentence Crewe would serve or how long, so his threat of 25 years in prison is pointless.

Correction: He obviously believed the warden. The warden made an empty threat that worked. No mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the cons score their first touchdown after Crewe returns to the game, the entire team except for the center line up to the left. In reality, at all levels of football, the center must be surrounded on the line on both sides by at least two players (a guard and a tackle) - the play would be an illegal formation. (01:35:00)

Correction: This is not an illegal formation. Oregon runs this type of play constantly. The line of scrimmage runs the entire width of the field from where the ball is placed. The center must line up where a referee spots the ball. Illegal formation is only called when too many players are lined up on the line of scrimmage, not where along the line of scrimmage they line up.

Corrected entry: When Caretaker and Crewe are sitting at the table and talking, Caretaker has some bread in his right hand. All of a sudden it changes as he reaches out to shake Crewe's hand and there is no bread.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Correction: Caretaker could have put the bread on his tray before he shook hand with Crewe. When they continued the conversation, the bread was back in his hand again.

Corrected entry: An umpire does not announce penalties in a game. The responsibility actually lies with a referee. In the movie, the mistake is probably made to move the plot forward so Crewe could throw the football twice on the umpire's groin as a way of forcing the umpire to call a fair game. (01:11:25)

Correction: Or it could simply be that since this is not an officially sanctioned game, they've chosen to use a different process.

Corrected entry: There are only two busses leaving the prison - the fancy one for the guards and the crappy one for the inmates - but at the game we see all the good behavior cons and the "cheerleaders". There is no way they all fit on that one bus. (01:08:35 - 01:12:45)

Correction: It is quite possible that they left at seperate times. The players leaving first to practice, etc.

James Storck

Corrected entry: On the inmates' first offensive play at the start of the football game, Turley aka "Sasquatch" has long black sleeves like an UnderArmour turf shirt. A few shots later, the team huddles on the sideline and Turley is no longer has the sleeves. Anyone that has played football knows how hard it is to remove the shoulder pads and pro-style jersey like the team is wearing. There is simply not enough time in between these two shots for Turley to remove his jersey, shoulder pads, and turf shirt, and then put his jersey and shoulder pads back on.

Correction: He possibly could've rolled his sleeves up, or cut them off because it was a bit too hot.

Corrected entry: Care Taker gives Nelly a pair of cleats he sneaks into the prison, the cleats are black. But in the scene where they play against the guards he is wearing red cleats.

Correction: When Nelly is running and you see the "red cleats", it is red tape (so he doesn't sprain his ankle.) The cleats are still black.

Corrected entry: When Adam Sandler leaves his girlfriends party he is carrying a 6 pack and he drops one. When the police pull him over he offers them one and says he has 5 left. He should only have 4.

Greg Weisgerber

Correction: The first entry is wrong because they suggest that the one can Paul Crewe drops is from the 6 pack. When Paul Crewe leaves his girlfriend's house he has a 6 pack, and another beer to which he is finished. So he finished an extra beer before starting on another one in the car, which would make 5 beers when he is caught by the cops.

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Other mistake: In the library scene, the guards are harassing the inmate by throwing books on the floor to make him pick them up.One of the guards drops a book on the floor to tell the inmate that he missed one but when he comes back to pick it up he actually picks up 3 books. (00:48:50)

scaryterri Premium member

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[Warden Hazen gets a gallon of Gatorade dumped on his head.]
Warden Hazen: That's a week in the hot box!
Battle: Who gives a shit?

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Trivia: Michael Irvin's character wears the same jersey number he did when he played for the Dallas Cowboys, number 88.


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Question: Why did Nate Scarborough need x-rays of the guards injuries?

Answer: Simple: to show the other prisoners/players on the team the guards' weakest points on their bodies to attack them. Previous injuries means an advantage.

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