The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard (2005)

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Factual error: In the penitentiary, the guards should be wearing a United States flag patch since it is a federal penitentiary, not the Texas flag patch. (00:08:45)

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Suggested correction: Paul Crewe was arrested by local police and not charged with a Federal crime, therefore he would have been incarcerated in a State Prison, not a Federal Penitentiary.

But the prison is named Allenville Federal Penitentiary so they should be wearing American flag patches and not state patches.

Continuity mistake: Sasquatch was banging his head on his cell wall. Paul Crewe entered and began a conversation with him. In every ensuing shot of Sasquatch, the blood pattern on his forehead had changed, never the same as any shot before. (00:31:45)

Wayne C.
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Suggested correction: It's different because he is continuing to bleed more. Insinuating that the last time "Sasquatch" hits his head on the wall is when he cuts his head open. The first cut is it starting to bleed, second it's bleeding more, third it's bleeding into his sweat and running.

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Continuity mistake: When Adam Sandler reverses into the police car, he damages the Bentley he is driving at the back end. When the police chase him, the back end is not damaged at all. (00:06:35)

Greg Weisgerber
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[Warden Hazen gets a gallon of Gatorade dumped on his head.]
Warden Hazen: That's a week in the hot box!
Battle: Who gives a shit?

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Trivia: Michael Irvin's character wears the same jersey number he did when he played for the Dallas Cowboys, number 88.

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