This Is the End

Continuity mistake: When James Franco is talking about jizzing all over Danny McBride, the camera goes behind Seth Rogan and you can blatantly see him laughing, then milliseconds later when the camera moves, his face is serious. (00:57:00)


Continuity mistake: At the start, two arriving pilots approach the camera. Neither are wearing glasses. The shot reverses and as the pilots walk away the first officer (three stripes) is now wearing glasses. (00:00:25)


Continuity mistake: In the last scene, wherein Seth and Jay meet Craig in Heaven and then party with the Backstreet Boys, their angel halos are entirely inconsistent, appearing and disappearing from one camera cut to the next.

Charles Austin Miller

Trivia: The painting with Seth and James' name were painted by James Franco. He also helped paint Freaks and Geeks.


Jonah Hill: Dear God, it's me, Jonah Hill... From Moneyball.

James Franco: I will shoot off your dick!
Danny McBride: You don't have enough bullets, bitch.

Danny McBride: What the fuck is wrong with you, Franco? You have iPad's all over the goddamn walls in your house, but you jack off like a fuckin' pilgrim!
James Franco: That's right man, I like to read!

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Question: What happened to Emma Watson after she stormed out of James Franco's house?

Chosen answer: While we don't know what exactly happened to her afterwards, we do know that she doesn't get into heaven due to her behavior.

Brad Premium member

Question: When James Franco talks about Emma Watson. He said that she is tiny and she is not even seven she is half a seven, what did he meant by that?

Chosen answer: He is explaining that she would not eat a whole seventh of the food, referring to how many survivors are in the house. As she is so small, she would only eat half of what would be her share of the food if they divide it equally.

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