Continuity mistake: In the scene when Dalton is climbing the ladder trying to turn on the light in the attic, it shows him stepping onto the same step twice.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dalton screams after falling off the ladder, when Josh runs to the attic to make sure he is alright his shirt is untucked with no tie. However when in the attic his shirt is buttoned with a tie.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Renai is listening to the baby monitor, she drops it when the voice screams, "NOW!" On the floor, the speaker is facing down, but in the next shot, it is facing up. (00:22:35)

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Trivia: In addition to the sketch of the puppet from 'Saw', there is a list of names for student presentations on Josh's classroom chalkboard. The director, James Wan, is on the list - apparently with two presentations due ("JAMES WAN x 2").


Trivia: When Josh is in his classroom, the infamous puppet from the Saw series can be seen on the chalkboard behind him.


Trivia: The "Long Haired Fiend" (the ghost with long hair and the long, black coat) is portrayed by J. LaRose. Like director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, LaRose is also an alumna of the "Saw" movie series. LaRose had a small role in "Saw III" as a victim of the "Jigsaw Killer."

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Elise Reiner: Who is she?
Elise Reiner: A parasite. She befriended your astral body and lured you into the further just as Dalton has been.

Tucker: A picture's worth a thousand words.
Specs: Words are worth a thousand words, too.

Elise Reiner: It's not the house that is haunted. It's your son.

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Question: When Josh is in the further looking for Dalton, what is the deal with the family that looks like mannequins and has the creepy smiles? Why does the one girl shoot the family? Is there any back story on it?

Chosen answer: It's implied that the girl went crazy and killed her family, but it's not really elaborated on. They're just some of the many spirits to be trapped in and haunt the Further, likely due to the violent nature of their deaths.

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