Insidious (2010)

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Corrected entry: When Josh goes into the further to look for Dalton, Dalton is wearing red plaid pajamas. But when he had gone into the coma he was wearing monkey pajamas. And when he woke from the coma, he was still wearing the monkey pajamas.

Correction: Actually the night Dalton goes into the coma he is in fact wearing the red plaid pajamas and not the monkey pajamas. And since he was trapped in the Further then his parents changing his clothes for him would not have affected what his "soul" is wearing in the Further itself.

Corrected entry: When Josh (Patrick Wilson) goes to wake up his son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins) the morning they discover his coma, he bends over to grab some of his school clothes from the drawer. When he does, you can plainly see the microphone receiver hooked on the back of his jeans as the shirt is stretched.

Correction: Movies (such as this one) use off camera microphones to pick up the actors voices, never on-person mic packs. What ever is hooked on his pants is not a mic pack but some other unidentified object.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Josh goes into the further, Tucker had a big red light. But when Josh had awoken, he was using a big white light.

Correction: It actually shows him putting the red light back and geeting the white one out.

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Elise Reiner: Who is she?
Elise Reiner: A parasite. She befriended your astral body and lured you into the further just as Dalton has been.



In the scene when Dalton is climbing the ladder trying to turn on the light in the attic, it shows him stepping onto the same step twice.



In addition to the sketch of the puppet from 'Saw', there is a list of names for student presentations on Josh's classroom chalkboard. The director, James Wan, is on the list - apparently with two presentations due ("JAMES WAN x 2").