Continuity mistake: After "A Lovely Night," while Cinderella and her stepmother are talking, Cinderella's hair keeps moving- sometimes there's more hanging in front of her shoulder, sometimes there's more in back.

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Trivia: The original words to "My Own Little Corner" are: I'm a slave in Calcutta, I'm a queen in Peru." For obvious reasons, those lyrics were changed to "I'm a thief in Calcutta."


Trivia: The song "Falling in Love with Love" is not in the original score. It was specially written for the film for Bernadette Peters (the Stepmother) to sing.


Cinderella: You know what the problem is with most people? They sit around wishing for something to happen instead of doing something about it.

Prince Christopher: Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?

Lionel: I really do wish there was something between us.
Stepmother: Really?
Lionel: Yes. A continent.

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