Green Wing

Emergency - S1-E9

Revealing mistake: When the ambulance is hanging over the cliff, in the wide shot you can see the cable holding the ambulance safe. (00:50:40)

Slave Auction - S1-E8

Audio problem: When Martin arrives at Guy's flat, the first time Guy slaps him, the sound is a fraction of a second late.

Caroline's First Day - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In "Caroline's First Day." When Martin is on the computer looking up what his old schoolmates had achieved, in one shot Boyce has his arm around him, in the next shot his arm is by his side.

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Dr. Guilaume Secretan: I can do a surface dive in my pyjamas.
Dr. Macartney: That's probably very handy for a bedwetter.

Dr. Macartney: So tell me, why are you wearing a blouse?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: What?
Dr. Macartney: It's a blouse, isn't it?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Fuck off, it's designer.
Dr. Macartney: What, Laura Ashley?

Dr. Caroline Todd: Boyce, you're friends with Mac and Guy. Who's the biggest scumbag?
Boyce: Guy. Guy, Guy, Guy, Guy.
Dr. Caroline Todd: Guy? Why Guy?
Boyce: He once ethically objected to resuscitating a woman with an A-cup.
Dr. Caroline Todd: An egg cup?
Boyce: No, an A-cup, small puppies. He said it wasn't worth saving less than a handful.
Dr. Caroline Todd: Dear God.

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