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Corrected entry: Guy hijacked a hospital ambulance in a drunken state and went on a rampage in it all night, holding two, (one unwilling, Martin), people who could be construed as hostages and then crashing the ambulance over a cliff which ended with Mac in a coma. After all that he is back working at the hospital within eight weeks as though nothing happened.

Correction: This is simply not true! Guy gets into a lot of trouble. He is under review from the hospital board and not allowed to work fully. He has to do community service, which involves painting over some graffiti outside the hospital, or teaching some children how to play "guyball", and he also loses his driver's license hence the more bizarre ways of getting to work (rickshaw, jetski, etc).

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Corrected entry: In series 1 episode 8, someone (I think it's Caroline) says that the ambulance with Martin, Mac, and Guy is somewhere near Wales, yet in the next scene the ambulance drives off the Seven Sisters Cliffs, near Eastborne (East Sussex), which is a few hundred miles away from Wales.

Correction: Character mistake by Caroline. Also, we are not supposed to know the length of time between these scenes so it could be that when she said it they were near Wales and then an hour or so later they have got to the cliff.

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