Green Wing

Green Wing (2004)


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Dr. Caroline Todd: Here's to goats with hooves! May they never fall off the mountain and break their spindly legs.

Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Yes, I've died and gone to heaven, females are fighting over their pants. They're going to rip each other's clothes off.
Boyce: I'm getting a semi.
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Semi? What's wrong with you boy, I'm like a flagpole.

Dr. Caroline Todd: How was the interview?
Dr. Macartney: Not sure... think I might have used the words 'job', 'stick', 'up' and 'arse' all in one sentence. Is that a bad thing?
Dr. Caroline Todd: Well I... I think tone of voice is very important.
Dr. Macartney: Is it, is it? Damn. Shit. Excuse me, I have some patients to see.

Dr. Martin Dear: She's my smoo too.
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: She's your smoo? And my smoo.
Dr. Martin Dear: What are we going to do?

Dr. Macartney: I see a chocolate Phil Collins popping out of a cuckoo clock every hour to tidy up his Nazi gold.

Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Yeah, I'll see you in Zurich.

Dr. Macartney: Martin, Martin, see this - is that your signiture?
Dr. Martin Dear: Yeah, it is, yeah.
Dr. Macartney: Yeah, can't really do smiley faces on death certificates. Does look a little bit insensitive.

Dr. Guilaume Secretan: I can do a surface dive in my pyjamas.
Dr. Macartney: That's probably very handy for a bedwetter.

Dr. Alan Statham: I need a new name badge. It's supposed to say "Dr Alan Statham Consultant Radiologist" but someone's blacked out the O, the N, the S, the L, the first T and the A of the word "Consultant".
Sue White: So now it says...?

Dr. Macartney: So tell me, why are you wearing a blouse?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: What?
Dr. Macartney: It's a blouse, isn't it?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Fuck off, it's designer.
Dr. Macartney: What, Laura Ashley?

Dr. Angela Hunter: If you see the new girl, snap off her fingers, burn her hair off and pluck out her nipples.

Dr. Caroline Todd: Boyce, you're friends with Mac and Guy. Who's the biggest scumbag?
Boyce: Guy. Guy, Guy, Guy, Guy.
Dr. Caroline Todd: Guy? Why Guy?
Boyce: He once ethically objected to resuscitating a woman with an A-cup.
Dr. Caroline Todd: An egg cup?
Boyce: No, an A-cup, small puppies. He said it wasn't worth saving less than a handful.
Dr. Caroline Todd: Dear God.

Dr. Macartney: Join me again next week on this episode of "Let's make no fucking sense" when I will be waxing an owl.

Emergency - S1-E9

Revealing mistake: When the ambulance is hanging over the cliff, in the wide shot you can see the cable holding the ambulance safe. (00:50:40)

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