Fear (1996)

Continuity mistake: There is a change of scene from an inside shot to an outside shot in the first hour of the movie. There is an extremely obvious skip in the film where it was edited.

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Continuity mistake: When William Petersen is on a cordless phone at work, he says "the guy gives me the creeps and the girl is my daughter." As he does, the phone cord appears, and the phone's position changes as he hangs it up.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are the roller coaster, Reese Witherspoon has nail tips on, then 20 seconds later she doesn't, then she does again.

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More mistakes in Fear

Question: What is Steve Walker's occupation?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: He is an architect.


Question: After Laura and Steve leave to go out of town, Nicole calls David to come over. He's in the car with Logan and during this scene, while talking to Nicole, he's rubbing something in his lap, under his arm. What is he rubbing? Is it someone's head or his knee?

Chosen answer: He is petting a dog that's sitting on his lap.