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Corrected entry: At the close of the film, the David and his friends cannot break through the windows of the house because they are a special reinforced type. However upstairs, when one of the bad guys is trying to get into a bedroom window, Nicole takes an umbrella and easilly shoves it through a regular window, breaking it, and injuring the bad guy. Clearly Steve would have had reinforced windows throughout the entire house, wouldn't he?

Correction: Maybe he ran out of money, or time, or the installer ripped him off, or the job was still underway, or he thought the upper windows didn't need doing.

Corrected entry: When David hits Nicole by accident he hits her across the right eye. Then the next day the bruise is on her left.

Correction: That is because she is looking in a mirror when they show the bruise the next day.

Corrected entry: In the car chase between David and Margo, there is an oncoming car which forces David's car off the road. If Margo is terrified of David, why too does she pull over and stop? The oncoming car was not in her lane and she did not have to avoid it in any way.

Correction: She moved because David was going to hit the oncoming car and she didnt want the person in the car to get hurt because of her.

Corrected entry: When the girl and her brother are playing the games console and her friend walks in. She leaves her brother but it was a two player game and both sides are still fighting, instead of one.

Correction: The reason the game continues fighting after Nicole gets up is because her little brother switches her controller off. This then makes it a one player game.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nicole is in the car with her dad she makes a reference to the song that is being played as being James Taylor, when it is really is an Allman Brothers song.

Correction: She is talking about not wanting to go see James Taylor again, like they were scheduled to do so that night. Even though Allman Bros. is on the radio, she is referring to the concert they are scheduled to see, not the song on the radio.

Other mistake: In the scene where Nicole opens her locker and a note from David falls out, the handwriting is exactly the same as the seen where Nicole leaves a note taped to the bedroom door for her father. Although the letters are larger, the same applies to the note on the father's vandalized car, which says he's popped both of their cherries.

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Margo Masse: Do yourself a favor and don't think so much. It gives you premature wrinkles.

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Chosen answer: He is an architect.


Answer: Why was there a diver in the water at the end? Looking for someone's body?

The tide came in and took David's body away. The divers were trying to retrieve it.

Answer: Of course he is an architect -dontcha know everyone that lives in Seattle is! (according to movies that is).

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