Continuity mistake: When William Petersen is on a cordless phone at work, he says "the guy gives me the creeps and the girl is my daughter." As he does, the phone cord appears, and the phone's position changes as he hangs it up.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Mark has the mother and father bound and gagged, the mothers tape gag slips off and is magically resealed several times.

Continuity mistake: There is a change of scene from an inside shot to an outside shot in the first hour of the movie. There is an extremely obvious skip in the film where it was edited.

Continuity mistake: When David talks to Nicole in her Jeep, at one point her hair is over her shoulders. Then they show David again then back to Nicole and the hair is behind her shoulder and it keeps repeating through out the scene.

Continuity mistake: When the girl and hear brother are playing the video (before Mark Wahlberg and his friends try to break in), the game they are playing are from the Street Fighter series and the sounds coming from the game are wrong, those are Asteroid type sounds.

Continuity mistake: At the end scene when Mark Wahlberg and his friend are attacking the girls in the bedroom, keep an eye on Reese Witherspoon's left shoulder. Her shirt repeatedly changes from torn and her bra strap showing to being intact and the strap covered up quite a few times within the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Mark Wahlberg is chasing after Alyssa Milano in his car, they go to a shot of her driving in the background it is water but when it cuts back to him it is trees, also a car comes in the opposite direction but it never passes any of them.

Continuity mistake: David tells Nicole that her dad hit him in the chest and left bruises. But later in the film when David is carving on his chest, there are no bruises.

Continuity mistake: The wound on David's back from being stabbed by the peace pipe at the end changes drastically. When we first see it, it is a very bloody wound on his upper back near his shoulders and head, but when we see it in the next shot, not only is it smaller and less bloody, but it also changes position to being further down in the middle of his back. (01:30:45)


Continuity mistake: David throws Nicole in her pool yet in the next scene when he kisses her, her hair is dry.

Plot hole: At the end of the movie where David and his friends are attempting to break into Steve's house, David has the door code and attempts to gain access once by using it. Steve then tells his wife and the kids to go hide upstairs and turn off all the lights so nobody will know where they are. Then Steve and his wife go to another part of the house, away from the front door. Then, we hear David and his friends using axes and a big log to try and break down the door, "before* Steve secures the door with household appliances later on. Why wouldn't David have just kept trying the code?

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Suggested correction: The reason David can not keep trying the code, is because the door has a lock on the top, and one at the bottom (middle regular lock). That middle lock is able to respond to the key/pass-code system, but the top one is not. In order to get in the house, David would have to be able to enter the pin (which, yes he knows) but with the top lock still locked from the inside he can not get in. I am assuming there is a key slot on the outside where he would need a key, and also I'm sure the family doesn't bother locking the top half of the door as no one else knows the pin (so they thought). And I'm guessing that they never locked it during the day either, and only at night.

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Chosen answer: He is an architect.


Answer: Why was there a diver in the water at the end? Looking for someone's body?

The tide came in and took David's body away. The divers were trying to retrieve it.

No, the end was altered over the years. "Mandela effect" and all proof wiped out. The end has the family walk out to nobody.

Answer: Of course he is an architect -dontcha know everyone that lives in Seattle is! (according to movies that is).

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