Seed of Chucky

Revealing mistake: When Tiffany calls Ruth Bailey, you can see that the mobile phone she uses is turned off.

Visible crew/equipment: When Redman arrives at Jennifer Tilly's house, in the front of his car you can see a camera operator. (00:33:40)

Continuity mistake: During the Sound Stage scene, Chucky and Tiffany kill the puppeteer by chopping his head off with wire. When the blood splatters all over Tiffany's and Chucky's faces, Tiffany's right eye is covered in blood. In the next shot there is no sign of blood in the eye at all.

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Trivia: The directorial debut of series creator Don Mancini. Mancini had written or co-written the four prior films. Mancini has continued to serve as series director since this film's release, also solo writing and directing the two subsequent entries as well.


Trivia: The last Chucky/Child's Play movie to be released in theaters. The two more recent films (Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky) were released direct-to-video and Netflix.


Trivia: Cult director John Waters is a massive fan of the Chucky movies - especially Bride of Chucky. He's such a big fan, he even owns a life-sized replica of the Chucky doll, which he keeps in his bathroom on display. As a thank-you from creator Don Mancini, the part of "Pete Peters" the paparazzi was written especially for him. Waters gladly accepted the role.

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Chucky: Come to papa.

Chucky: Attaboy, kid... attaboy.

Tiffany: I'm not getting pregnant again, I'll tell you that much. My mother always said, "Once is a blessing, twice is a curse."
Chucky: Well, that would explain your sister.

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Question: Why does Glen look like a zombie, if Chucky and Tiffany are normal?

Chosen answer: Have you ever SEEN demon doll DNA? It's creepy! Not at all like your 'normal' DNA. Now, if you have a Barbie and Ken doll having a kid, you'd get something nice like a P.J. Doll. You mix evil, twisted, Chucky with psychopathic Tiffany and all bets are off, baby-wise. I'm surprised that Glen turned out as well as he did! And with a Cockney accent?

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