Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky (2017)

3 mistakes

Continuity mistake: Dr. Foley burns and melts the Chucky doll on his right hand with a lighter but when it cuts to a wide shot, Chucky's hand is completely fine.

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Revealing mistake: When Chucky's disembodied head tries to bite Andy in the beginning, watch closely. When the plaque he's mounted too leans forward suddenly as Chucky snaps at Andy, you can see a rod underneath of it, which was used to make it move and lean forward by the puppeteers.

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Continuity mistake: When Andy is trying to kill Chucky, one shot he is holding Chucky's arm but when he shoots Chucky in the chest, he's not.


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New this month Suggested correction: I just watched this scene and Andy is always holding Chucky's arm. He lets go after he's shot him in the chest.