Seed of Chucky

Continuity mistake: During the Sound Stage scene, Chucky and Tiffany kill the puppeteer by chopping his head off with wire. When the blood splatters all over Tiffany's and Chucky's faces, Tiffany's right eye is covered in blood. In the next shot there is no sign of blood in the eye at all.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Glen cut his father's arm off, you see him lying there screaming and bleeding. The blood from his arm on the floor is making a puddle and then it cuts to Glen's face. When it shows Chucky's arm (or stump) again, there is no puddle, just blood following the crack in the floor tile.

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer is getting ready for her date, the perfume is on the table in the first shot, but in the next shot, she is spraying it on herself.

Continuity mistake: Joan falls from the banister face up, but when the police see her, she's face down.


Continuity mistake: When Joan walks in to see Tilly and Stan tied up on the bed, both Tilly's and Stan's feet are tied to the bedrail but are lying flat on the mattress. When Joan is set on fire, there is a shot where you can see Tilly's and Stan's feet again, only this time, they are elevated and resting on the bedrail they are tied to.

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