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Corrected entry: Glen finds out he is related to Chucky from the "Made in Japan" stamp on his wrist, which Chucky also has. The only problem is that in "Child's Play 2" they show that the Good-Guy factory where Chucky is made is in the United States, not Japan.

Correction: In the prior film ("Bride of Chucky"), Tiffany re-assembles Chucky using both parts from his original body (such as his head), and new spare doll-parts from her doll collection. At one point during his re-construction in that film, you see Tiffany attaching a new arm to his body. It is safe to assume this new arm is the arm that features the "Made in Japan" stamp, and that when Glen was conceived, he inherited the same "Made in Japan" stamp.

Corrected entry: Joan should have still heard Jennifer screaming when Tiffany hung up on her extension, The line would not have been disconnected because Jennifer's extension was still off the hook.

Correction: The other phone is never shown after Tiffany hangs up, so it can only be assumed that Chucky hung up the phone around the same time as Tiffany.


Corrected entry: It's explained that Glen/Glenda is able to get to Los Angeles via a postal service, what I don't understand is how was he/she able to set up postage services (e.g. payment). Furthermore how did he know the address of the sound stage where Chucky and Tiffany were?

Correction: Glen/Glenda most likely discovered a package in a post office adressed from England to California and found a way to enter the package(maybe acting as an inanimate doll tagged for delivery).

Corrected entry: When Jennifer Tilly is sitting in the hospital you can see there is a clock on the wall but the seconds hand on the clock doesn't move.

Correction: It's most likely the clock's electrical system was busted or the seconds hand was stuck.

Corrected entry: When Tiffany uses the mobile phone, a white sticker appears and disappears from the bottom of it.

Correction: It's not a white sticker, it's the chargers. The chargers seem to appear and disappear because of the lighting change in the different shots.

Corrected entry: When Glen first climbs out of the box in the SFX room, he looks at Frankenstein and screams. The camera pans and you can see Wolfman and for a split-second you can see the tip of the boom mic.

Correction: Where? I played this scene in slow-motion many times and I still can't see anything.

Corrected entry: In the previous movie, "Bride of Chucky", Chucky refused to drive to New Jersey with Tiffany saying, "Sure. I'll steer and you can work the pedals. We're dolls, you dope." as if it would be impossible. Yet in this movie, Glen/Glenda works the pedals and Chucky works the wheel and they have no problem controlling Redman's huge truck. They drive so well that they drive the imposter Britney off the road.

Correction: There are two possibilities: The first is in this movie they were only driving a fairly short distance whereas in "Bride of Chucky" they would have to drive a long distance so there was a greater possibly of getting caught. The second possibly is that as Chucky got older he thought about it a little more and realized that it wasn't that unrealistic to do.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie just before Glen attacks the girl in the shower, if you look through the shower curtain you can see the girl is wearing a black g-string.

Correction: Actually, in the DVD commentary they state that she was nude. Any dark areas you see are either shadows or hair.

Corrected entry: After Jennifer Tilly goes through the paparazzi crowd, she gets in the front of the limo and the camera pans down to the bottom of the car seeing Chucky, Tiff and Glen's shoes. In the silver bar on the door you can see the crew member's feet.

Correction: The feet in the shot are from the chauffer as he closes the door. Along the silver baseboard, the blurry black is uniform, occurring the entire length of the silver baseboard.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie Glen take the knife out of the cake and it make a sound as if metal is being rubbed up against metal.

Correction: This is a dream, as we find out in the upcoming minutes after this scene, therefore possible.

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