House of Flying Daggers

Continuity mistake: During the "Echo game", Jin throws the full bowl at the targets and all of the shells fall on the floor. Yet in all shots afterward, they are nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: In the bamboo forest fight scene, Jin and Mei are pinned down by the bamboo spears and they are surrounded by a field of bamboo stakes. But when all the soldiers that were sitting in the bamboo are shot down by the Flying Dagger members, the stakes suddenly all disappear, and then reappear after all the soldiers have landed.

Continuity mistake: Right before the final battle, Leo hits Mei with a dagger to the chest. During the ensuing conversation she frequently goes from having a bloody mouth with red teeth, to having a clean mouth with no signs of blood on her teeth.

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Trivia: The mysterious new leader of the flying daggers never actually appears because that role was intended for actress/ singer Anita Mui, who resigned the (impending) filming due to ill health two weeks before dying of cancer. Out of respect Zhang Yimou didn't replace her with another actress and the film is dedicated to her memory.

Trivia: Zhang Ziyi spent two months living alongside a twelve-year-old blind girl to prepare for her role as Mei.

Yee: If you had known what the truth of the matter really was, do you think you still would have come here with her?

Mei: To be free like the wind.

Jin: You and I are just pawns on a chessboard.

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