House of Flying Daggers

Corrected entry: When Jin is leading Mei away from the prison after rescuing her, he returns her dagger pouch to her. She puts the pouch on over her neck, but right before she says her next line the pouch suddenly disappears.

Correction: In this scene, he hands her the dagger pouch, she places it around her neck, and moves the pouch to her left hip, the pouch strap being long enough to enable her to do so.

Corrected entry: Mei drops her knives and Jin runs off to find them. The soldiers attack and Jin reappears with a bow that neither he or anyone else had been carrying with them, and shoots the soldiers down.

Phillip Churchfield

Correction: Leo said that he was always following them and seeing as Jin somehow always knows where to meet him, during the battle, Leo could've have gone to Jin (or vice-versa) and supplied him with a bow.

Corrected entry: During the final fight between Jin and Leo, the snow covering their bodies often disappears/reappears between shots.

Correction: This simply could have happened because of wind, blowing snow off of them and back on. It mentions this on the audio-commentary.

Corrected entry: When Jin orders the first dance, many musicians turn up for one performance by one girl. Does the brothel keeps a full orchestra ready for every girl whenever she is going to dance? Do other girls wait for the orchestra, or do they have their own musicians on stand-by? This performance should not be confused with the prepared "Echo game".


Correction: The musicians that turn up for the first dance are all show girls from the brothel who have some musical training. Brothels were entertainment houses, so girls had to be able to dance and play music, as well as the obvious talents needed.

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