House of Flying Daggers

Mei isn't blind and neither is she the daughter of the former leader of the Flying Daggers. An even bigger surprise is that Leo is really a member of the Flying Daggers posing as a deputy. He confesses his feelings to Mei but she doesn't want to be with him. Mei is ordered to kill Jin but she doesn't and lets him go free. Jin asks her to go with him saying that they'll wander around wherever they please but she says no. Jin leaves and then later Mei turns around and follows him but she's attacked and wounded by Leo. Then, Jin turns around and goes back and finds that Mei is wounded. Leo and Jin fight until they stab each other at the same time. Mei then rises, removes a dagger from her chest, throws it and falls dead again. Jin and Mei exchange some final words and Mei dies. Jin sings the song that Mei was singing when they first met in the pavilion. The movie ends with the two of them together and the snow falling...


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