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Plot hole: Tahnee was sent to boarding school when she got fired as a way to get her out of the show, but she was 17 and so isn't that a bit of a silly way to write her out? In Melbourne Australia, you can leave school if you wish at 15, so she in theory shouldn't be able to be forced into going to Boarding School.

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Continuity mistake: In the episode that aired in the UK on the 10th March, 2004, Harold was almost run over when he was on a walk. The Harold on the road was mostly bald and wasn't wearing glasses. Ian Smith that plays Harold has most of his hair and Harold was wearing his glasses in the next shot.

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Continuity mistake: Tahnee and Nina found various copied pictures of Harold with different crazy hair styles in the trash at Lassiters. When Harold found the original images, there were many pictures of the people from Ramsay street, but only one of Harold.

Dan Moat
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Trivia: Jason Donavon's father appeared in the series. He played Doug Willis.

Trivia: The actress who plays Sky, Stephanie McIntosh, is half sister to Jason Donovan.

Dan Moat

Trivia: The fictional suburb of Erinsborough is an approximate anagram of "Neighbours", just with an extra O and R.

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Amy: It's a secret, Sarah made me promise not to tell anyone.
Lance: Sarah doesn't know you very well then.

Janelle Timmins: Dogs love us Timminses.
Janae Timmins: Mum, once on your leg doesn't count.

Harold: Where there's a will, there's a way.
Lou: It's money we need, Harold, not clich├ęs.

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Question: Who does Sky live with? Does she live with her Grandfather, Harold?

Chosen answer: Yes, Sky lives with Harold at 24 Ramsay Street.

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Question: Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Amy Greenwood the only regular character to never actually live in one of the Ramsey Street houses?

Chosen answer: If my memory serves me correct, there have been no others like that.

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