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Corrected entry: Serena and Sky went to the new club called "Out" but from what you could see of the name outside the club it was obviously not called "Out".

Dan Moat

Correction: I live in Australia and it is very common here for people to run clubs/disco nights in rented halls/clubs. Therefore although the name of the club they are going to is "Out" the name on the hall may be completely different.


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Corrected entry: In the 20th Anniversary episode "Friends For Twenty Years" There a clip with an interview with Flick Scully With the Hollywood sign in the background and mentions she's been living with Michelle in Los Angeles since leaving Australia. Except When Flick and Michelle left they didn't go to Los Angeles, the moved to New York as part of a scholarship program for Michelle, And at no previous point has anyone ever mentioned to two girls moving to Los Angeles.

Correction: Just because no one mentioned that they went to Los Angeles doesn't mean it never happened. No one ever asked Lynn what they were up to now and there never was any reason for her to tell anyone about what they were up to either.

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Corrected entry: In the episode when Karl Kennedy was taken to hospital after having a heart attack, he had a flashback of being with Susan. In this flashback, they were happily married and they talked about Drew and Libby. Susan had her new 'short' haircut. However Susan had that haircut done when she was on a split with Karl at the time and Drew was dead, so she should have had long hair in this flashback.

Correction: Actually, he's not having a flashback, he's imagining this scene. It never really existed, he's only wishing for what would happen in the present, therefore, anything can happen.

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Tahnee was sent to boarding school when she got fired as a way to get her out of the show, but she was 17 and so isn't that a bit of a silly way to write her out? In Melbourne Australia, you can leave school if you wish at 15, so she in theory shouldn't be able to be forced into going to Boarding School.



Jason Donavon's father appeared in the series. He played Doug Willis.