Radar Men From The Moon

Factual error: Since this film serial was made in the early 1950s there are many scientific inaccuracies about the moon in it, not the least of which is that, according to the story, the moon has exactly the same gravitational pull as Earth.

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Trivia: Clayton Moore, who later went on to fame as the masked heroic vigilante "The Lone Ranger," was unmasked in this film. This is one of the few films in which Moore's face is fully visible.

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Trivia: In the onscreen dialogue of this 1951 movie serial, the Lunarian invaders are never referred to as "Radar Men". They are only referred to as such in the title.

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Question: How could Fred C Brannon still be directing movies 13 years after his supposed death?

Chosen answer: He wasn't. There were a number of movies that he had directed that were released up until 1962 and after his death in 1952.




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