New this month Other mistake: In the scene of Miguel and Hector on the rocks at the bottom of the huge sinkhole, Hector's left foot has six toes.

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New this month Trivia: The Pizza Planet truck from "Toy Story" passes by Miguel's house near the beginning of the film. Also in the marketplace, a small Nemo doll is on a table and dolls of Mike Wazowski and Woody are hanging from a stall.

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Steven Lee

New this month
Héctor: What are you doing?
Miguel: I'm walking like a skeleton.
Héctor: No, skeletons don't walk like that.
Miguel: That's how you walk.
Héctor: No, I don't.

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New this month
Clerk: I am terribly allergic.
Miguel: But Dante doesn't have any hair.
Clerk: And I don't have a nose, and yet, here we are.

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New this month Question: What happened to Ernesto after he was crushed by the bell in the Land of the Dead?

New this week Answer: I believe he died the final death because his skeleton body was presumably crushed. Hope this helps.

New this month Question: After Chicharrón is forgotten and disappears, where does he go?

New this week Answer: No one really knows, perhaps the 'true' afterlife, though that is entirely speculation.

New this week Question: When Miguel first meets Hector, Hector claims he used to work with Ernesto, who Miguel initially thought was his great-great grandfather. When Hector confronts Ernesto after Miguel first meets him, Hector reveals how Ernesto murdered him with poisoned wine. Why doesn't Hector tell Miguel that earlier when they first meet?


New today Answer: Because Hector didn't realise he had been poisoned until The scene where they meet. It is only after he sees the scene from Ernesto's movie that he puts it together.

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