Corrected entry: Ernesto de la Cruz was exposed in the afterlife as a fraud, but the movie went on as if he was also exposed in the current present life too. The boy could have mentioned it, but would he really have been taken serious on the subject there? Ernesto would have gone on and been idolized in the real world, unfortunately.


Correction: It's mentioned in the movie that Coco's letters from her father contained all of the songs Ernesto put forth as his own, proving he stole the songs.

Jason Hoffman

I'm sorry. That wouldn't prove anything to anyone other than Coco and maybe the family directly.

Nevertheless, that's the explanation given in the film. It's been a year. More than enough time for them to investigate the letters.

Jason Hoffman

To add a bit more to the above explanation... Ernesto de la Cruz would likely have fabricated a back story to support his claim of authorship of the songs, which the letters to CoCo would have refuted, leading to scrutiny of the author.