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Pixar makes fine movies suitable for all ages, and perhaps this is one of its finest. It has amassed 67 accolades and was nominated for 86 others so far. And from what I can see in the film, I'd say it well deserves the praise it has received so far. The English viewers might want to keep a Spanish dictionary at hand, although in this era, that dictionary would be in the form of a smartphone with Internet connection.


In this astoundingly vibrant and well-rendered CGI animated feature film, a young Mexican boy named Miguel wants to become a musician but it is forbidden in his family to pursue this or even to listen to music. What follows is a magical adventure to discover the truth about his relative's past, expose a villain, bring forgiveness, acceptance and healing to the family, as well as remembrance of the departed. Fun, sweet, respectful and sometimes poignant, Coco entertains from beginning to end and has messages worth keeping close to heart for viewers of all ages.

Erik M.

Other mistake: When Miguel is singing "Un poco loco" on stage, he goes out of range of the mic, but his voice is amplified.


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Question: After Chicharrón is forgotten and disappears, where does he go?

Answer: No one really knows, perhaps the 'true' afterlife, though that is entirely speculation.

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